Case Studies

Social Network App For Travelers

A social media app for making connections exclusive for travelers. Travelers can become influencers in this application. A perk of being an influencer is that the platform offers a partner program known as the ‘CloudTrav Partner Program’.

Web based Learning Management System (LMS)

The client required an eLearning management system (EdTech Platform) that enables the organizations to create and run their own e-learning courses with an online eLearning platform. Our client focuses on Training and Talent Management, and

Sales BI Dashboard for a Restaurant Chain

A fast growing restaurant chain based in Chicago hired Scalan Labs to build a Sales BI Dashboard for gaining accurate insights into the overall sales trends of their business. The client wanted a customizable data visualization tool which would

Retail Survey Kiosk iPad & Tablet App

A leading fashion retail approached Scalan Labs to build a survey kiosk app for collecting real-time feedback from customers of its US-based clothing stores. The client wanted to develop a cross-platform mobile app that is capable to run seamlessly on iPads & Android tablets.

Travel Guide App

Over the years, digital transformation has uplifted the tourism industry via innovative products that have made traveling a truly rewarding experience. So, a rising travel startup approached Scalan Labs with an idea of creating a travel guide mobile app for their customers that would offer …

Digital Signage Solution For Museum

A famous art museum based in Detroit hired Scalan Labs to build an interactive digital signage software for displaying key information at crucial standpoints in the establishment. Broadcasting dynamic and engaging content for museum visitors …

Home Care Services For Mobile Healthcare Platform

A caregiving services startup employed Scalan Labs to create an on-demand mobile application for connecting patients with care professionals on a common platform. The client needed an intuitive software tool which would allow their customers …

Field Audit App For Restaurants

A regional fast food chain in Boston hired Scalan Labs to develop a custom field inspection app for analyzing the operations of their three outlets located in the region. Our customer was in need of an inspection tool that would help in conducting regular site audits.

Cloud Based Asset Management Software

Tracking and managing physical assets are really important for an enterprise, but at the same time, quite an arduous task when done manually. That’s how one of a leading construction firm hired Scalan Labs to develop an asset management software.

Restaurant Table Booking App

A popular restaurant chain contacted Scalan Labs to create a dedicated table booking app for allowing their customers to make online reservations. Reducing waiting time for customers and relieving restaurant staff from attending booking calls …

Custom Photo Printing App

An established printing company based in Chicago approached Scalan Labs to develop a custom photo printing mobile application that helps to print photographs on souvenir objects. The client wanted to offer an element of personalization for …

Classifieds Application

A 4-member team of emerging entrepreneurs hired Scalan Labs to create a classifieds app for enabling buying and selling of domestic goods and services, focused on six neighborhoods of a small town. Client wanted an online…

Pet Tracker App

A community of pet lovers wanted to ensure their pets’ safety, and hence they approached Scalan Labs to build a pet tracker mobile app; mainly to track and monitor their animal’s movements both indoors and outdoors.

Language Learning App For Travelers

Traveling to exotic places is really exciting; but visiting a country where you are unable to speak and understand the language, can be somewhat intimidating. That’s why, an upcoming travel agency employed Scalan..

Enterprise app for HVAC Efficiency Audit

The client, a reputed manufacturing company, wanted to develop a custom checklist mobile app that helps to evaluate the energy efficiency of HVAC systems installed at their premises.

Warehouse Management Application

A global logistics company hired Scalan Labs to build an app that would help them to effectively control and manage their warehouse operations. Our client needed an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool

Industrial Catalogue Mobile App

A popular engineering firm that specializes in the manufacture of industrial machinery like electric drives and controls, hydraulics, etc. approached us to develop a B2B product catalogue native mobile app for their online product delivery initiative.

On Demand Delivery Tracking App

Tracking the movement of ordered products, right from the point of origin to the final destination, is beneficial for both businesses and customers. That’s why a reputed food delivery services company hired Scalan Labs to build an on-demand delivery tracking application.

Farm Inventory App

An agricultural co-operative society hired Scalans to develop a farm inventory application that tracks and updates in real-time the status of farming assets inventory. Evaluating the precise quantity of farming materials using pen-paper mode was really cumbersome and hence, our customer wanted to build the app.

Telemedicine App

A reputed hospital chain employed Scalans to develop a telemedicine app for helping patients to seamlessly interact with healthcare providers in a virtual environment; from any location. The client needed a HIPAA compliant platform that would deliver high-quality digital healthcare, 24×7.

Real Estate Market Analysis and Monitoring Tool

Working in a dynamic industry like the real estate sector keeps professionals on their toes; the better understanding of market trends, the greater number of deals closed. Hence, a leading real estate agency approached Scalan Labs to create a CMA-based(Comparative Market Analysis)..

Sales Enablement Tool for a Cosmetic Company

An upcoming cosmetic company hired Scalans to build a sales enablement tool for their staff, in order to boost their productivity and thereby, increase overall sales. They wanted a custom CRM-based software that would help track sales …

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