Cloud-Based Asset Management Web Application

Cloud-Based Asset Management Application


Tracking and managing physical assets are really important for an enterprise, but at the same time, quite an arduous task when done manually. That’s how one of a leading construction firm hired Scalan Labs to develop an asset management software.


The client preferred an EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) based software to precisely ascertain the real-time status of company assets like heavy machinery, tools, vehicles and other construction equipment. Predicting the useful lifespan of assets and scheduling maintenance processes were other outcomes expected from the app.EAM - Enterprise-Asset-Management

The app’s main dashboard gives a holistic view of asset information; mainly newly added, discarded and idle assets, pending maintenance activities, audits and tickets (queries, complaints, etc.), transfer of assets, and many more. Each asset registered in the app has a dedicated page containing its image(s) and details like the current location, employee(s) operating it, past service/maintenance record, etc. 

We integrated geo-location feature to effectively track in real-time the movement and whereabouts of RFID tagged machinery like concrete mixers, excavators, cranes, etc. This ensures security and accountability, and also helps in monitoring performance. The app is hosted on the cloud; so, a 99.9% service uptime is always maintained.

Platform: Web Portal
Technologies:  ASP.NET, MS SQL, Microsoft Azure


The operational efficiency of machinery improved as breakdowns could be minimized by conducting timely preventive maintenance works scheduled through the app. Also, the client could detect those assets that have expired and dispose of easily, thereby mitigating unnecessary risks. 

Managing assets via the app boosted personnel productivity and avoided unforeseen expenses and project delays due to untimely asset repairs. Overall, the company was able to smoothly carry out their daily operations with the aid of the app.

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