Farm Inventory App


An agricultural co-operative society hired Scalan Labs to develop a farm inventory application that tracks and updates in real-time the status of farming assets inventory. Evaluating the precise quantity of farming materials using pen-paper mode was really cumbersome and hence, our customer wanted to build the app.


Each farmer of the co-operative wanted a record of the exact amount of agricultural inputs like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc., stock of crops at different warehouses, and the number of farming equipment, including pump-sets and tractors.

So, Scalans designed the main dashboard in Excel sheet format where, on signing in, users can add the names of warehouses and bins they own, group items into different categories and update the numbers, sizes or weights of the items – all by clicking the relevant tabs and drop-down menus. Purchase and sale of an item can be registered and accordingly, the inventory will be automatically updated.

A striking feature of the app is the use of colors for indicating the quantity level of inventory – low, medium and high are highlighted in three different colors. The cut-off quantity for each level can be pre-set in the app. Also, low stock levels will trigger reminders to increase the quantity.

Platform: Android, iOS & Web

Technology: Kotlin, Android SDK, Swift Programming, iOS SDK, Node.JS, Angular JS, Web Api, MongoDB, AWS SES, S3 bucket.


The app aided in better inventory management and the proper record keeping of agricultural materials. Bottlenecks arising from low inventory levels could be efficiently solved and it eventually helped in the easy planning and smooth running of farming operations.

It also helped farmers to identify the variations in their inventory levels on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Data collected from each farmer could be combined together to analyze any shortcomings and improve profitability of the co-operative.

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