Home Care Services For Mobile Healthcare Platform


A caregiving services startup employed Scalan Labs to create an on-demand mobile application for connecting patients with care professionals on a common platform. The client needed an intuitive software tool which would allow their customers to search and employ caregivers for doing home care service jobs for a short time frame.


We developed a customer app, a caregiver app and an admin web portal (for managing back-end operations) with the necessary features required to accomplish the ultimate goals of each tool.

We built a completely user-friendly customer app; especially keeping in mind the needs of elderly people. Users can create their own profile and request for services – personal care, nursing, medical checkups, household chores, to name a few. 

The app then matches the request (using AI-based algorithms) with the caregiver database and suggests the best ones. Visits can be scheduled by choosing the desired caregiver, entering location of the user, date, expected arrival time, total time period for availing service(s) and finally, making the payment. Post visit, users can share feedback and rate the caregiver.

The caregiver app provides real-time updates on schedules, customer data, location details, past visits history, etc. The current status of scheduled jobs – active, pending or completed – can also be known. Both apps are equipped with geolocation and time-tracking features.

Platform: iOS, Android & Backend Web App.
Technologies:  Swift Programming, iOS SDK, Java, Android SDK, PHP -Laravel, MySQL.


The software became a viable solution for offering quality home care services 24×7 by leveraging the power of technology. It helped customers to find and hire caretakers within no time; in a cost-effective way.

It also aided the client to serve their customers in a much more efficient manner; with real-time communication features, the app ensured transparency for families and accountability on the part of caregivers.

“Software is eating the world. We are all just little vegetables floating around in software soup.”
– Joel Spolsky, CEO of Stack Overflow

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Home Care Services For Mobile Healthcare Platform
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