Language Learning App For Travelers

Language Learning App For Travelers


Traveling to exotic places is really exciting; but visiting a country where you are unable to speak and understand the language, can be somewhat intimidating. That’s why, an upcoming travel agency employed Scalans to build a language learning travel app for their customers.


Language App The idea was to create a software tool that will aid users to learn and understand the travel-related basics of a foreign language, by the time they embark on a trip to the country. So, the Scalans experts adopted the design thinking process, wherein we deeply studied the user requirements to gradually build the application.

The app consists of both text and voice-based translators that translates English into 18 languages, including Esperanto and Swahili. All the languages are showcased in icon format in the UI – as flag symbols of their respective countries.

Standard sentences or phrases used to natively communicate in social places like hotels, bars, shopping centres, local transport, etc. are assembled in media files which can be played in either text or voice formats.

 An important feature of the app is the Learning Hub through which users can complete lessons on pronunciation, grammar and phonetics. They can also take mini quizzes to test their linguistic skills.

Platform: Android, iOS & Backend Application

Technology: Kotlin, Android SDK, Swift Programming, iOS SDK,  Web Api, , AWS SES, S3 bucket,  LAMP stack, PHP, My SQL JavaScript, jQuery


The mobile apps, with its feel-good aesthetics and cool features, provided the client’s customers with a novel digital language learning experience. It helped them to confidently overcome language barriers in foreign lands.

For the client, the app proved to be an innovative linguistic tool that boosted customer loyalty; thanks to its vast repository  of language learning content and amazing user experience. 

“If you’re competitor-focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something.
Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering.” –
Jeff Bezos, Founder/CEO, Amazon

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