Sales Enablement Tool for a Cosmetic Company

Sales Enablement Tool for a Cosmetic Company


An upcoming cosmetic company hired Scalan Labs to build a sales enablement tool for their staff, in order to boost their productivity and thereby, increase overall sales. They wanted a custom CRM-based software that would help track sales processes and improve performance of sales reps.


The plan was to develop a sales management application for both web and mobile, with a host of functionalities that showcase real-time updates on sales activities. The client expected two main outcomes from the app – closing more sales deals and sales quota attainment.

The Scalans team designed the UI as a centralized visual dashboard that displays sales content, analytics, customer data, ongoing and closed deals, alerts on upcoming events/workshops, etc. An important feature is the Sales Pipeline that helps sales reps to accurately forecast the number of deals required to reach the quota.

Additionally, two more features have been incorporated – an online chat messenger, for seamless communication between salespeople, and a leaderboard, with statistics of top sales reps every week, month and year.

Platform: Web & Mobile Apps

Technology: Native iOS, Native Android, .NET, Dot net web API, C#, Ef core 1.0.0, MSSQL Express


As expected, the sales enablement tool helped to identify potential sales opportunities and effectively close more deals and reach target quota in record time. Sales and marketing teams could collaborate in a more cohesive manner, thereby fostering team spirit and healthy competition.

The company’s overall revenue increased with more leads converting into customers. The brand awareness among the target audience also improved, and now, the company is planning to expand operations to newer markets.

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