How building a mobile app would help my online business

How Building a Mobile App Helps Online Business in 2021

22 September, 2021

Having a mobile app to complement your business is no longer a fad or fashion, it has become a necessity. Especially with the pandemic, customers have started responding to online communication channels to communicate with their favorite brands. Mobile apps are no longer accessories used by multinational companies, since several startups and small sized businesses have already joined the bandwagon.

Here are some very good reasons why you need to have a mobile app for your online business:

1. Always Visible to Your Customers

With a mobile app, you are always right where your people need you. All they need to do is open the application and they will be able to reach you. This gives more value to your customers and they would love it. Mobile apps can improve brand visibility.


2. Providing Value to Your Customers

Customers always appreciate brands that give them respect and value, and this in turn incites loyalty and trust to the brand. Over the past couple of decades the business landscape has changed significantly, and with the coming of the internet, transactions have become faster and much more accurate. The way the customers shop and transact have changed considerably with each technological advancement that’s been made. Retail shopping through mobile applications is still growing by leaps and bounds.


3. Mobile Apps Increase Brand Loyalty

Mobile apps can definitely keep track of customer purchases and uses. You can increase brand loyalty by rewarding them with free goodies when they make a certain number of purchases with you.


4. Definite Increase in Sales  

Users would find it easier to make purchases through a mobile app, rather than through the website. You can make the app intuitive and effortless and interest them with additional services and benefits when they purchase.


5. Best Way to Attract New Customers

Mobile apps are sure fire methods to attract new people to your business. If you run a fashion store, you can offer free delivery services to your new customers, they would most certainly love it. 


6. Enhanced Personalized Experience

Customers love it when you are able to provide a consistent and personalized experience when they shop. This is possible only by having a mobile app. You can combine the power of AI and ML to provide your customers with the best personalized experience possible. 

The app would help them shop by focusing on each customer’s personalized taste and preferences. The app would help you analyze how much time the customers take to buy a product, how much time they spend online, what time they prefer to shop and so on. 


7. Create Your Own Niche and Ace the Competition

The world shrunk when it went digital, and with it the competition became really fierce. The mobile application makes it easier for brands to communicate with their customers, where instant communication is possible. 

Compared to a traditional website and other channels of communication, an app can really reach out to the customer in a much more accurate manner. The faster and precise you get with what the customer wants, the better you can beat the competition out of the game.



8. The Perfect Portal for Realtime Feedback

Mobile apps come disguised as the perfect portal for feedback. Earlier, we mentioned surveys as a means of collecting user data. But it is also the best platform to collect user feedback, especially when the survey matches the context of what you are selling. Feedback can also be collected through the ‘Rate my app’ prompts that you so often see when you open mobile applications. Prompting users to participate in this would definitely boost your rating in the app store and play store. Widgets are also a great platform to help generate feedback because they generate open-ended responses that customers love to participate in. 


9. Easier Way to Collect User Data

It is much easier to collect user’s data if you provide them what they exactly want. In fact, they would be more willing to share their personal information if they feel your app can provide good value to them. Collecting user data would help with marketing  later on.  The best ways to collect data would be questionnaire, surveys, offers and contests. You can also collect a lot of data by analyzing in-app behavior of your users, especially when they make a purchase or leave a review about your product. 


10. Excellent Levels of Visitors Engagement

With mobile applications, it is very easy to make full use of customer’s devices by utilizing their GPS, Microphone and camera to target them better. By accessing the customer’s GPS location, customers no longer have to feed their addresses manually. Similarly, camera and microphone can also be used so the customers can take photos of their purchases and share them on their social media accounts. And with the microphone, you can help vocalize their search options, and guide them on to what they need.



11. Higher Conversion Rates

Mobile applications help in higher conversion rates.  And that’s a great advantage. You can aim for better conversion rates by providing the best services possible, starting with a smooth purchasing process. Mobile applications give you the option of sending push notifications to your customers, and assistants (AI powered) that would help them make the purchase. And once they share their payment and shipping information, it would be stored and saved so the customer doesn’t have to share them the next time they purchase something.  

Integrate the mobile wallet application so the entire checkout process is simple, quick, and possibly, single-step. 

An outlet to showcase all the unique features of your product

One way to stay ahead of competition would be to make sure that your customers are aware of the unique features of your product. You can market that sufficiently and place yourself sufficiently above your competitors through a mobile app. 


12. Better Control Over How You Run Your Business

Having a mobile app would give you more direction to steer your business. It helps you cement your brand identity, because you can easily showcase your logo and other aspects of your business, tweak your marketing strategy and really take your business amidst your customers. You get better control over these aspects as well:

  • Security With your own mobile application, you have better control over the security of transactions that’s happening because with third parties, the reign of control may be less.
  • More Power to Your BusinessA mobile app helps you when you want to generate more power to your business especially if you are planning to expand. You can easily expand your business with limited resources, when you have a mobile app playing a crucial part in it.
  • Customer Interaction Enjoy better engagement and interaction with your customers through mobile apps. As mentioned earlier, it would help generate personalized interactions with them, making them feel so much important and a part of your business.


13. Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates

The cart abandonment rate in a mobile app is significantly lower when compared to mobile website and desktop sites. This is because the checkout process in mobile apps are much simpler, and people are more willing to complete the purchase. Probably, this could also be because they are more sure of what and when they need. 


Having a mobile app is never a bad idea because that’s the only way through which you can enjoy several benefits in one. Marketing your business, getting more personal with your customers, promoting your business are just beginner advantages, because with a mobile app, you can set the foundation of taking your business to the next level. 

You can hire a software development company to create an application for you, or set up your own in-house team to get started. It is recommended to build Android and iOS applications to cater to both the popular platforms, and reach the maximum number of people. With a powerful mobile app, it is easy to increase lead generation and gain customer retention. Since you are in a highly competitive market, investing in a mobile application is no longer an option. So if you are still debating to go forward with it, it is time to take the plunge. 

If you do not have a mobile application, or even a mobile website, then you are missing out on a whole group of people who could become your potential customers. Practically everyone has a personal device in their pockets these days, so if you are on a budget, you can launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the market first, and depending on the reception it gets, you can focus on bettering and improving the application, and deliver a sophisticated one. A great mobile application would definitely attract more customers and this leads to more orders and increased profits. This is going to be a win-win situation whichever way you look at it. 


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