How Scalans model helps businesses grow.

Your dream product is your mission and vision. You want to make it a reality and so, you start working towards your goal.

But what if you encounter obstacles like talent gaps or unforeseen technical issues in the course of product development? Or, what if your project turns out to be too big and complex that your in-house team finds it difficult to handle?

That’s when we step in.

We are Scalan Labs, a software development company based out of Chicago, IL bridging offshore development engineers at Kochi – the third most preferred IT destination in India. We offer affordable dedicated software development teams having rich technical expertise that imbibe your spirit and work culture and help you build and launch world class products.

Coming together is a BEGINNING, staying together is PROGRESS, and working together is SUCCESS – Henry Ford

How is Scalans Model Unique?

The Scalans model gives you the flexibility and reliability that you expect from an offshore technology partner. Our dedicated engineering teams tailor each and every step of product development with passion and precision. We constantly strive hard to give you the best results that eventually unlock the true potential of your business.

Our Value Proposition

Dedicated Tech Competence

Let your project be an easy or a complicated one; you can choose from a rich pool of software engineers with diverse specializations and experience. Right from the most popular technologies to the rare ones, you get the best talent that suits your project.

Flexibility & Scalability

At Scalan Labs, you have the liberty to hire any number of developers, having varied functional expertise, based on your project requirements and long term goals. You can also upsize or downsize your team members, as and when needed.

Cost Efficiency

No recurring employee training costs; no infrastructure setup costs. You don’t have to spend a penny on recruitment costs, either. Scalan Labs gives you the best minds to work on your project at almost half the rates that you pay for developers back home.

In-house like Control

Have the same level of control over your dedicated development team just like how you control your in-house development team with your Project Management tools and best practices. It’s your priorities and objectives that rule.

Teamwork and Collaboration

When team members know each other’s capabilities well, execution of the project becomes easier and tasks are completed faster. Practices like Agile methodology help both the in-house and dedicated teams to efficiently collaborate and to increase productivity.

Visibility and Transparency

We make sure that you get a clear picture about your project from Day 1 onwards. You’ll be up-to-date with all the details regarding the daily work plans, timelines, deadlines, completed targets, performance of dedicated team members, etc.

Skilled & Experienced Workforce

Our team has unrivaled experience and expertise in all the major front-end and back-end technologies; that’s why we produce the finest of websites and apps.

Quick Delivery

No more indefinite delays in product releases. We strictly adhere to our deadlines and deliver high quality products on time. We guarantee 3 month free support on all our services

Our Process

Scalan Labs helps you build a first-class dedicated software development team right from scratch. We follow a clear-cut hiring strategy with no third party interference or hidden costs.


Identify skills, qualifications, and other specifications and plan team size.


Shortlist CVs of eligible developers; Interview and hire team members of your choice.

Set Up

Set up tools and workstations; Integrate dedicated team with in-house team.


Commence work on a new project; Share knowledge via open communication and teamwork.


Be in charge of a dedicated team through established work methods and Project Management tools.


Add new specialists to fine tune product development process; Increase productivity and achieve perfect results.

Our Happy Customers

Let Your Business Soar High with Scalan Labs

We deliver end-to-end business solutions that cater to different global organizations cutting across various domains. By using the most modern software technologies, our tech specialists help design and create innovative products that meet the highest quality and security standards.

If you’re looking for assistance with additional talent to your software development needs or looking for a quote, please call 216-282-7376 or contact us here. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]

If you are a software professional and would like to apply, please email us at [email protected]

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