Sr.DevOps Engineer - 1

Scalan Labs is looking for a highly skilled and motivated Sr. DevOps Engineer to join remote team in Kochi.

We need an experienced Cloud DevOps engineer that can establish the best processes for rapidly deploying our code to Cloud servers and validating code-coverage, versioning, static and dynamic code quality and external facing security.

Role & Requirements

  • Participate in the Agile process to prioritize steps necessary to complete epics and features to automate the development and deployment process.
  • Manage AWS servers for current environments including dev, qa, preprod and production across multiple data centers.
  • Have strong experience managing and deploying services in AWS EC2, ECS, Lambdas, CloudFront, CloudWatch, VPN, Route53, to name a few..
  • Understanding the parameters that affect pricing of cloud services.
  • Work with GIT and understand the concepts of branching and merging of code.
  • Understand be able to build Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines to serve our various software products using GitLab tools
  • Implement scanning and security tools to validate our software’s viability (SAST and DAST)
  • Knowledge or ability to learn the particulars of configuring and hosting Outsystems (Windows based) servers in EC2 and Docker.
  •  Monitor uptime and resilience of our production servers using CloudWatch
  • Help implement best-in-class packaging technologies for Python and JavaScript code as part of our CI/CD process


B.Tech/B.E. – Computers, Electronics/Telecommunication, BCA, MCA
DevOps Engineer Position – 4+ Years Exp
Rush your resumes with appropriate subject line to [email protected]

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