Minimum Viable Product Development in Chicago

Are you an early stage startup, with a product idea and looking for technology partners to make it into fruition?? Keep away from the typical startup trap: investing all of your resources in some app features that nobody really uses.

By following an MVP strategy you can increase the chances of your success by 80%, at only 20% of total cost and time!

For businesses that are new to software development, the abbreviation “MVP” has little to tell. However long we talked about the benefits of minimum viable product brings on to the table, clients would ask for an example of a company that actually benefited from minimum viable product development. For the businesses that are already well-aware of all the possibilities and prospects of the software development market, the example of a successful MVP is the last argument they need in order to make a decision to expand their existing MVP concept to a full-blown product. In either case, we’ve been helping tech and non-tech customers based in Chicago with their product ideas.

Your Benefits Hiring Us

Innovative Mindset

Our highly skilled workforce constantly brainstorm and brings to the table new innovative ideas that shape world-class business solutions.

Budget Friendly

We don’t wish to burn a hole in your pocket. Scalan Labs offers reasonable and affordable pricing for our services without compromising on quality.

Agile Methodology

We promote Agile practices in our product development lifecycle to ensure open communication and regular adaptation to changing product requirements.

Quick Delivery

No more indefinite delays in product releases. We strictly adhere to our deadlines and deliver high quality products on time and budget.

Post-Launch Support

No service is complete without a post-launch analysis of new products. We monitor product performance and do necessary upgrades and fixes.

Customer-Oriented Approach

“Customer is King!”. Yes, we strongly believe in that concept. That’s why, we direct all our efforts to help you achieve your business objectives.

Our MVP Development Process

1.Defining a strategy 🔥🤝

Our business analyst team will understand your idea, user journeys, features & your competitive advantage to figure out what your MVP should look like and whether an MVP approach is a right fit for you.

2. Design sprints 🎨

We would be looking at functional requirements research to prototype to the visual design, in just 3 weeks. Our UI/UX goal here is to expose your target audiences to the real value of a product.

3. Assigning a team 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

In the next step, we will assign a customized team based on  your MVP neds and project timescale . The team will be lead by a dedicated product owner focused only on your product success.

4. Development sprints ⏱️

Once we are done with the UI & UX workflows, we will get started with  writing code and give life to your dream, again in the well-defined development sprints so that we can be ready to launch it on time!

5. MVP launch 🚀

Once launched, MVP will help you to receive a real response from your peers, early adopters, and investors. This validated learning will help you with your next product strategies.

6. Post-launch support 🤝🤙

After the results, if you decide to continue product development with us, we get down to expanding your MVP into a full-stack product! If not, then we assist you in the complete technology transition!

Have a project in mind?

Let’s have a quick discussion about your project and our team will send out a ballpark quote in just a few hours!

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