Recipe For Success. A Collaborative Journey.

We’re always influenced by our core values, work and client satisfaction. We strongly believe in exceeding customer expectations in every possible ways, even we have to put on extra effort in finding the ‘Extra Mile‘ our customers deserves. Just like in any industry, customer relationships are pivotal for mutual growth and our approach have made it to a point retain 80% of our clientele coming back for more with us. No ones perfect and there is room for continuous improvement on all aspects of work, be it coding, testing, project management or even with communication. Our processes are tailored in way to address any impediments in agile manner, efficiently to meet our customers goals.

We collaborate as one and believe in the strong framework of teamwork to attain success.

What We Focus On.

Emerging Technologies

We always keep our eye open for new emerging tech trends and ensure the tech we use last for another 10 years.


With flexibility of changing roadmap let you get the best out of team’s expertise and affirm on right direction of goals.

Engagement Models

With decade long experience in product development and execution, we recommend the best of engagement approach to our customers – Be it Fixed Price, Time & Material or Staff Augmentation

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Fast round of development will let you focus on core functionality of your software application and let you launch in quicker turn around.

Right Tools

We provide right set of tools and infrastructure for quicker communication and adhering to security protocols.


With qualified Test Architects and Test Engineers assigned on projects, we ensure all our product releases are fit for market.

Our Approach.

At Scalan Labs, we believe our customized approach to projects have a deep impact on successful delivery and meeting every milestones at scheduled timescales. Right from project initiation phase, we explore every means to realize vision and goals of our customers. And we move fast as soon as the discovery phase hits the production, keeping in mind result matters to our customers and it’s end users.

Project Management Approach.

We use agile & iterative methodology in order to manage our costs, quality & timelines regularly by evaluating and managing technological challenges, project risks, and resources. Our process begins with a deep review of your requirements, followed by selecting the right technologies, planning the development and executing it in the right order. As a result of this approach, we have enjoyed higher responsiveness by ensuring our customers receive timely updates about the progress and that all their requirements are met.

Development Approach.

Be it large or mid-sized project, we modularize into smaller components, with each component being developed individually and focusing on the core results of the project. All team members will contribute including system architects, business analysts, testers, developers, and designers. 

This model ensures that clients gets the quality they want and the software meets the delivery standards.

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