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Scalan Labs offers the best mobile app development services available in the market. We gather our capabilities to bring to you the finest mobile apps that tops App store charts thereby elevating your business to a new level. Our dedicated team of mobile app developers comes with a rich experience of creating cross functional, scalable and fast mobile apps for different industry domains. We have proven our prowess in the following areas of Mobile app development:

      1. Native app development
      2. Cross-platform app development
      3. Enterprise Mobility solutions
      4. Gamification
      5. UI/UX consulting
      6. App store optimization

Mobile App Frameworks

Software Engineers at Scalan Labs are greatly adept at all the major technologies and trends related to Mobile app development.

Known for its high-quality graphics and incredible performance, Unity3D is greatly preferred by developers and businesses to create interactive 2D and 3D games

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Flutter follows a reactive architecture and primarily uses Dart, a client-side, object-oriented programming language known for faster compilation speeds

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Make unique iOS apps that are compatible with every device – be it iPhone,Apple Watch or the iPad.

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Develop robust Angular web & mobile apps enriched with high-powered HTML capabilities.

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Create intuitive and secure Android apps and give your business an extra edge over your competitors.

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Build dynamic mobile apps having beautiful and interactive user interfaces using React Native framework.

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Bring in the power of Node.js to your business through highly secure and robust enterprise solutions.

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Build faster performing and extremely attractive cross platform apps using latest Ionic frameworks.

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Range of Expertise

We integrate top emerging technologies to our mobile apps to give users a completely novel experience and to engage better customer interaction.

Location / GPS Tracking

Our mobile app developers incorporate GPS technology features like geo-tagging, geo-targeting, geo-fencing to apps that aid in getting real-time updates.


Our team delivers innovative solutions for wearables that have features like real-time communication, seamless data transmission, high computational abilities, etc.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

We build AR/VR enabled mobile apps using Google ARCore and Apple ARKit that can recreate real world scenarios and offer the power of sheer immersion.

Biometric Tech

We implement biometric authentication features like face and voice recognition and fingerprint scanning to completely secure your users apps.

Artificial Intelligence

Scalan Labs help businesses to increase their revenue through Chatbot powered mobile apps that understand user behaviour patterns and offer personalized services.

Beacon Technology

We develop indoor navigation apps that interact with beacons using BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy, which offer users with a completely personalized experience regarding retail shopping options.

The Scalans Advantage

We are highly proficient in handling and visualizing the complete mobile app development cycle – right from the preliminary conceptualization to the final product installation at the App store. 

Customer Vision

Embracing Your Vision

This is our core focus of our product development. We align ourselves towards achieving your business goals and targets. Your ideas become ours too.


Quality Innovation

Behind every path-breaking product, there are stories of brainstorming,trials and re-trials. We continuously innovate to give you the best results because we hate mediocrity.


Detailed Timeline

We know the importance of timely delivery of products and so, we leave no stone unturned to meet your targets and deadlines on time.


Reasonable Pricing

Our hard work is always focussed on giving you the best quality products; but that doesn’t come with a heavy invoice. We are truly affordable.


Enduring Partnerships

We don’t just stop after delivering great products; we foster long term relationships with our clients. Analysing product performances and doing timely upgrades are part of this co-operation.

Transparent Process

100% Transparency

Our clients get a clear roadmap of the product development process at the beginning of the project and timely feedback on the project status at regular intervals.

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Scalan Labs is a full-service product engineering company that provides dedicated teams for mobile apps development. We have the top1% talent for product engineering and dedicated teams to help you reach your business goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!