hire dedicated ionic app developers

Hire Dedicated Ionic App Developers

Think mobile app development and the first question that comes to mind is – for which platform should I develop myapp? Well, Ionic solves that problem by giving you the advantage of developing a single app for cross-platform deployment.

Ionic is a free and open-source, hybrid UI framework that builds high quality mobile, web and desktop apps using core web technologies. It offers a suite of powerful developer tools and has a strong and vibrant developer community. Scalan Labs offers the best mobile app development services available in the market. We gather our capabilities to bring to you the finest mobile apps that tops App store charts thereby elevating your business to a new level.

Why Pick Ionic for Mobile App Development?

Ionic leverages the power of HTML5, CSS, Sass and AngularJS to build apps; so web developers can easily develop Ionic apps in record time using their web-based skillset.

Cross-platform Adaptability

A single codebase makes Ionic work seamlessly on all major platforms – iOS, Android, Electron and also as Progressive Web App. It adapts itself to the look and feel of each platform.

Impressive User Interface

With a rich UI component library and quick prototyping capabilities, Ionic creates beautiful user interfaces having custom animations, buttons, gestures, stunning colors and themes.

Strong Command Line Interface

Built on TypeScript and Node JS, the Ionic CLI has robust functionalities that aid in the quick creation, development, testing and deployment of apps across multiple OS.

Framework Support

Ionic has standalone web components that can integrate with front-end frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS and VueJS. It smoothly works even without framework support, using the plain JavaScript.

Native Access

Even though Ionic apps are built using web technologies, they work perfectly as native apps with the help of Cordova and Capacitor plugins that can access the device’s native features.

Low App Development Costs

Making apps in Ionic is highly economical and productive, as only a single web team is required for the development and deployment of apps across various platforms.

Our Ionic Services

Scalan Labs transforms your iconic business ideas into highly interactive and beautiful Ionic mobile apps that delights your customers and increases revenue. You can hire our Ionic developers who are well-versed with the core fundamentals of the framework – HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and AngularJS, and have solid industry expertise.


  • Ionic App UI/UX Design
  • Custom Hybrid App Development
  • Ionic Widget Development
  • Ionic QA & Testing
  • Ionic App Integration & Migration
  • Ionic App Maintenance & Support

Why Choose Scalan Labs for Ionic Development?

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