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Do you want to develop a cross-platform application that handles real-time data, manages thousands of users all at once and offers super-fast performance?  Then, think NodeJS – a JavaScript runtime environment used to build event-driven, real-time, scalable web applications. It is the hot favourite of many Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Netflix, Walmart, PayPal, GoDaddy, eBay and many more.

This framework is rich in features that can handle any operational requirements whether big or small by making simple the complex business processes. Hence this open-source help to develop custom-made web application solutions which blend well with your business needs hence allowing you to have user-friendly features which function seamlessly. As experts in using this framework open source, Scalans can offer you an end to end app solutions, but at the same time, we closely follow all the standards for safety and of course privacy protection. On the same note, with the help of this framework, you stand to the benefit of high extensibility, expressiveness, and readability while at the same time delivering you a web app that is tailored to your organization or business needs from our group of experts.

Why Select Node JS for App Development?

NodeJS has an event-driven architecture with asynchronous I/O capable of tackling any amount of traffic without crashing. This makes it an ideal technology for enterprise web app development.

High Performance

NodeJS operates on Google’s V8 engine, that compiles JavaScript directly into machine code. This allows high-speed code implementation and significant reduction in the app response time, thus ensuring superb performance.

Concurrent Request Handling

The single thread, non-blocking I/O approach of NodeJS enables concurrent handling of millions of connections without compromising on performance. Hence, NodeJS is highly helpful for developing data-intensive applications.

Support for Microservices

NodeJS is useful for Microservice architecture-based apps, as it helps in scaling up operations and in the efficient handling and deployment of the project from different locations.

Single Codebase

NodeJS utilizes the same client-side language – JavaScript for rendering server-side of the app. So, developers need to use only a single codebase for both the front-end and back-end development.

Shorter Time-to-Market

With access to many frameworks, easy sharing through the NPM (Node Package Manager) and a single codebase, NodeJS developers enjoy better productivity, thus reducing development time and ensuring faster app releases.

Cost-effective Solution

Developing web applications in NodeJS reduces server costs due to its asynchronous, event-driven model that simultaneously handles multiple requests. Also, the labour costs are reduced due to faster development time.

Our NodeJS Services

We steer businesses to new heights with our highly performing, lightweight and scalable NodeJS enterprise applications that are capable of delivering impeccable real-time results. Be it chat or game apps, data streaming apps or ecommerce portals – our strong knowledge of NodeJS frameworks and libraries along with rich industry expertise will give you the best enterprise solutions.

    1. Custom NodeJS Web /Mobile App Development
    2. NodeJS Plugins and Packages Development
    3. NodeJS API Development
    4. NodeJS CMS Development
    5. NodeJS Ecommerce Portal Development
    6. NodeJS App Maintenance & Support

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