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Scalan Labs offers the best mobile & web app development services available in the market.  Our dedicated team of mobile app developers comes with a rich experience of creating cross functional, scalable and fast mobile apps for different industry domains. Among the most preferred front-end technologies, ReactJS is breaking new grounds in the web development landscape.

According to BuiltWith, there are more than 300,000 live websites using React and the number is steadily rising everyday. An open source JavaScript library, built and maintained by Facebook, ReactJS is used to create powerful and interactive web user interfaces, mainly for single-page applications.

ReactJS Web Development is growing rapidly as one of the most popular technology for outstanding customer experiences. Owing to the visually appealing design possibilities coupled with extremely efficient performance, ReactJS makes for a very desirable technology addition to your organization that can lead to a significant advantage over your competitors.

Why Use ReactJS for App Development?

ReactJS is highly popular among businesses as it offers simplicity and flexibility for both developers and users and helps in building fast and scalable front-ends for websites and web applications.

Robust User Interfaces

The outstanding feature of ReactJS is that it helps you to build interactive UIs using its declarative components that make the codes less complicated and easy to debug.

Component Reusability

ReactJS components, written in JSX, have individual internal logic that aid in efficient reuse and maintenance of codes. Also, with minimal coding, the app looks clean and developer productivity is increased.

SEO Friendly

Due to super-fast rendering through the virtual DOM that ultimately reduces page loading time, websites built on ReactJS rank higher on search engine results and thus, have a better online presence.

Quality Performance

It has a virtual DOM that renders components to the real DOM only after assessing the updates needed to re-render the UI. Thus, the app delivers high-speed performance and amazing user experience.

Unidirectional Data Flow

ReactJS follows the Flux architecture – where the data is transferred only in a single direction – from parent component to the child component and so, it’s easy to control the data and eliminate errors.

Easy Learning Curve

Unlike other complicated front-end frameworks, ReactJS is quite simple and easy to learn. JavaScript Developers can quickly master the language and develop web interfaces in no time.

Our ReactJS Services

Scalan Labs delivers world-class ReactJS solutions specifically customized to fulfill your core business objectives. Our enthusiastic engineers have the top-notch skills and vast industry experience of developing highly engaging and robust front-ends for websites and web apps.

      1. ReactJS UI/UX Development
      2. ReactJS Front-end Development
      3. ReactJS Website/Web App Development
      4. ReactJS Website/App Integration & Migration
      5. ReactJS Plugin Development
      6. ReactJS Maintenance & Support
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