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Native-like feel, cross-platform compatibility, non-complex single codebase, superb performance – that’s what React Native is all about. Released in 2015 by Facebook, React Native is an open-source, hybrid mobile app framework that leverages the power of JavaScript to build cross-platform apps that offer a truly native user experience.

Apart from Facebook, it is used by many industry giants like Bloomberg, Uber Eats, Instagram, Airbnb, Skype, to name a few; and is still preferred by organizations around the world.

Why Use React Native for Mobile App Development?

Over the years, React Native has achieved a phenomenal status among developers and businesses alike, when it comes to creating simple, yet powerful cross-platform mobile apps.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

React Native allows the simultaneous development of both iOS and Android apps, using a single codebase via native APIs and JavaScript UI components.

Code Reusability

As React Native follows a “code once, use it everywhere” approach, a single code can be reused on multiple platforms. Thus, transforming a web page into a mobile app becomes easier.

Low Development Cost & Time

Because a single codebase is used for both iOS and Android platforms, React Native is favourable for startups and small businesses, as it saves considerable time and money required for app development.

Native UI and APIs

A main feature of React Native is the highly responsive, JavaScript based UI, built on native components and rendered with native APIs. This makes the mobile app smoother with less loading time.

Hot Reloading

This is a unique characteristic of React Native where the changes to the code gets refreshed instantly without the whole app getting reloaded, thereby increasing developer productivity.

Third-party Plugin Support

React Native is compatible with third-party plugins – both native modules and JavaScript modules, that help in customization of UI themes and templates.

Our React Native Services

Scalan Labs has a highly skilled and experienced React Native development team that has delivered cutting-edge cross-platform mobile apps for multiple business domains. We bring to you the best of React Native services to fulfill your business requirements.

      1. React Native App UI/UX Design
      2. React Native Custom Cross-Platform App Development
      3. React Native App Integration & Migration
      4. React Native Maintenance & Support

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