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Have you ever thought of why your flagship product is not selling well compared to that of your competitor’s? What is the ‘factor’ that constantly gives them an edge over you? The answer lies in your product’s User Interface or UI. And that ‘factor’ is, User Experience or UX. How about hiring a full time front end developer for your design needs?

Accessible design is good design – Steve Ballmer

Both UI and UX are indispensable for driving sales. An accessible and engaging UI/UX Design will convert your target audience into potential buyers and your potential buyers into loyal customers. Scalan Labs has unparalleled proficiency in creating compelling designs that resonate perfectly with the end users and add value to products.

What We Specialize In

From hand-drawn illustrations to 3D realism, we have always strived to reinvent and revamp design solutions to align with the needs of various business domains.

Mobile App Design

With hundreds of mobile apps flooding App stores daily, it’s important that your app doesn’t become invisible to users.

That’s why we create brand-centric designs for mobile apps so as to grab user attention at the first glance. We are pioneers in creating simple, yet interactive and attractive user interfaces for both iOS and Android apps by leveraging the power of Apple’s Flat Design and Google’s Material Design languages.

Custom Website / WebApp Design

Your website / web app acts as a curtain raiser to your world of business. If it’s not user friendly, it may even cost you prospective customers.

We, at Scalan Labs, direct our design expertise to deliver highly responsive and visually pleasing interfaces for websites and apps in order to provide a delightful user experience. Our web design services also extend to Progressive Web Apps and CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento.

hire dedicated front end developers

Landing Pages Design

Landing pages act as catalysts that drive your prospective buyers, who visit your website, into actual buyers.

Our design experts craft compelling and beautiful landing pages that are capable of converting leads into sales. We ensure that the landing pages that we design have call-to-action (CTA) icons at appropriate places so as to increase conversion rates.

User Experience Testing

Validation of a design in the real world gives you a picture about the strengths and the flaws underlying it.

Hence, we do a battery of usability tests, with a maximum of 3 to 5 target users, to understand how we can improve a particular design. Our testing team uses the latest tools like CrazyEgg, Optimizely and Usabilla and leverage the KPI metrics to bring forward the best results for your design.

The Scalans Design Strategy

Scalan Labs follows a well planned design workflow that our dedicated team of designers integrate with in-house teams of our clients.


First, we gather information from clients regarding their users’ problems and how their brand aims to solve them. We predict user behaviour by creating user personas, user stories and user journey maps.

Research & Analysis

Next, we study competitor’s design approaches and do R&A on the latest UI/UX trends and principles. Then, we brainstorm on how to implement these ideas into the actual design work.


Now, we give shape to the UI by drawing rough sketches and wireframes and share it with the client for feedback. Based on their inputs, our designers build the initial mockups.


The mockups are then transformed into prototypes wherein all the graphics – images, themes, styles and icons are applied to them. The final design specs are then shared with the development team.


Now, the UI comes to life with the technical experts implementing the back-end functionality to it. The UI design is complete with all the features and navigation controls in place.

Testing & Evaluation

Time to test the UI – we perform user testing with a small group of target users and evaluate if the UI conforms to the desired user experience. Many iterations are done to achieve perfection.

Why Hire Us

We are a bunch of talented designers who are passionate about translating your ideas into clean, crisp and engaging user interfaces using innovative tools and techniques.

Client-Focussed Approach

Our work is centered around solving the business challenges of our clients through intuitive and creative product designs that offer a stunning user experience.

Quality Assurance

It’s our policy to accept nothing less than the best. That’s why we conduct as many iterations and evaluations possible to refine your designs.

Cost-Effective Service

You don’t have to worry about shelling out lots of money for an interactive and dazzling design. We assure you truly affordable services.

Competent Team

We have a strong team of certified and experienced designers who push their limits to bring forth the best of UI/UX design ideas for your products.

100% NDA Confidentiality

We sign and strictly honour non-disclosure agreements with all our clients.Your design ideas and specifications are safe with us.

Long-term Partnerships

We believe in fostering long-lasting relationships with our clients that revolves around mutual respect, trust and admiration for each other.

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