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QA & Testing Services

Security glitches, broken functionalities, device non-compatibility and other similar product defects can adversely affect customer satisfaction and puts a dent on your business reputation. We, at Scalan Labs, help businesses fine-tune their products by detecting and troubleshooting anomalies through regular and smart QA testing, thereby promising a flawless user experience. We offer all forms of QA Manual & Automation Testing services.

Our Testing Services Suite

We offer businesses an array of end-to-end QA testing services that conform to the best industry standards and help deliver quality products that users will truly love.

Mobile App Testing

We do a series of tests to assess the compatibility of mobile apps across all devices and platforms and to clear functional defects and security flaws.

Web App Testing

Through our fully fledged web app testing solutions, we ensure that your web apps work perfectly across different browsers and operating systems.

Functional Testing

Our QA team does rigorous checks on every single line of product code to ensure quality by reaffirming the functionalities of mobile/web apps.

Regression Testing

Each product that we develop undergoes regression testing to plug out accidentally introduced bugs and to ensure existing functionalities are intact.

Performance Testing

Our performance testers determine the speed and responsiveness of a product and fix the bottlenecks affecting its ability to work smoothly under heavy loads.

Manual Testing

We do a set of tests manually in order to spot and clear errors and defects occurring at each stage of SDLC, so that products meet strict quality standards.

Automation Testing

With the help of advanced test automation tools, Scalan Labs offers you fast, cost-effective and highly accurate test results about product quality.

Integration Testing

Our skilled testers meticulously combine multiple software modules and test them together to confirm their functionalities as a group and to evaluate their compliance with each other.

Security Testing

Our impeccable security testing protocol eliminates any chances of data breaches/thefts and resolve vulnerabilities or loopholes that can disclose sensitive information.

Our Testing Tools Kit

QA engineers at Scalan Labs use some of the cutting-edge software testing tools and frameworks available in the market. We do not limit ourselves just to these tools; we always try new technologies and integrate them to our testing processes.

  • Atlassian Jira
  • Bugzilla
  • Jenkins
  • Selenium Web Driver
  • Appium
  • HP Loadrunner
  • Apache jMeter
  • TestNG
  • Cucumber

Why Scalan Labs?

Every business needs a trustworthy QA testing partner to refine products that will ultimately offer a seamless user experience. That’s what Scalan Labs does for you -with an effective testing strategy that allows maximum test coverage, coupled with the services of our dedicated testing team, you can be assured of high quality products and improved business value.

Certified & Experienced Testers

We have a strong and passionate team of QA testers who are experienced in dealing with various test scenarios. We also have ISTQB certified experts on board.

Low-risk Agile Process

We adopt the Agile testing methodology that has minimal risks and offers maximum successful outcomes. Active communication and consistent reporting are an integral part of the process.

Complete Transparency

All our software testing services are 100% transparent and visible to our clients. You get real-time insights on the test outcomes, test coverage, team performance and the product quality.

Faster Product Delivery

With the proper streamlining of test processes and the right set of tools and techniques, we shorten time to market your products, thereby maximizing your business profits.

Budget Control

Don’t worry about budget overruns or other hidden costs; we help you to successfully optimize your project cost by adopting smarter ways of testing and automation.

Expert Consultancy & Support

Scalan Labs is forever committed to providing you with expert advice on smart testing strategies, streamlining QA processes and optimizing QA costs, besides offering continuous testing support.

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