Transforming Business Ideas Into Technological Reality.

Scalan Labs expertise is in providing businesses with remote dedicated development teams to work on a wide variety of software engineering processes with emphasis on timely delivery of products.

We help organizations overcome their technical inadequacies and inefficiencies  by offering them full-cycle software development services like custom mobile and web app development, quality assurance and software testing, technology consulting, software maintenance and support, etc. Security, scalability and functionality are the main hallmarks of our software solutions and we have proven our expertise in a spectrum of industries like Healthcare, Education, Finance, Retail, and many more.

By leveraging our high quality and reliable software development services, set your business a class apart from your competitors. Our highly skilled workforce constantly brainstorm and brings to the table new innovative ideas that shape world-class business solutions. We don’t follow a “one-size-fits-all” approach; it’s our clients who decide on the composition of the dedicated team and the selection of technologies required for product development. Our workforce has nonpareil talent and proven expertise in handling all the major software tools and technologies – right from React, Angular to AI, IoT, Cloud, and many more.

Our Services

Mobile Apps Development

Make secure and scalable mobile apps – both native and cross-platform – by incorporating advanced features like AR/VR, IoT, AI,etc.

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Custom Web Applications

Get highly performing and safe web apps having progressive features like chatbots, facial recognition, etc. that suit your likes and business interests.

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FullStack Development

Make highly functional and responsive websites with our full stack developers who are skilled in both front-end and back-end technologies.

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IoT App Development

Feel the power of the Internet of Things by creating cost effective and intelligent IoT solutions that serve a range of consumer and industry verticals.

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UI/UX Design Services

A solid user-oriented design strategy is what you need to enhance the functionality and usability of apps thereby offering a seamless user experience.

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QA & Testing Services

An Agile based testing framework coupled with the best software testing expertise ensure that your products are 100% secure and bug-free.

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Scale Your Business to Next Level.

For businesses to thrive and earn profits in a tech-driven world, it’s imperative that they integrate cutting-edge technologies into their product strategies and work processes. Gone are the days when businesses were just brick and mortar workspaces and sales people went around doing door-to-door marketing to sell their products.

Today’s organizations are embracing a new tech-ecosystem – Digital Transformation – that increases employee efficiency, helps to develop value-added products and improves customer satisfaction. Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Design Thinking, Cloud Computing, AR/VR, etc. are the main drivers of Digital Transformation.

This tech-phenomenon is motivating companies world over to challenge status quo and to come up with innovative solutions that eventually boost business agility and enhance customer experience.

Idea + Technology = Innovation

Imagine using a travel app that gives you real-time updates on changing weather and climatic conditions of a place that you are planning to visit. Or, how about visiting a website of an online clothing store and striking a ‘conversation’ with a virtual ‘salesperson’ about the best branded shirt that can be purchased? Well, these scenarios are the combined result of the brightest minds at work and the ground-breaking technologies put to use.

We, at Scalan Labs, are on the path of this innovative process of digitally transforming businesses, with our supreme quality customized software solutions that we build for diverse industry verticals and organizations – startups, SMEs and large enterprises.

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