Scalan Labs Developers Earn a Renowned Position Among the Top Mobile App Developers in Chicago at GoodFirms

Scalan Labs Earns a Renowned Position Among the Top Mobile App Developers in Chicago at GoodFirms 2023


Founded in 2012, Scalan Labs focuses on delivering lucrative ideal software solutions with the help of a dedicated development team model that possesses rich technical expertise. The company’s mission is to utilize the most advanced systems techniques and technology to achieve the customer’s business objectives. Plus, the company is recognized as the preferred partner for technology companies by offering ground-breaking and world-class IT solutions and services. 

The main hallmarks of Scalan Labs’s software services are security, scalability, and functionality. The team of professionals provides full-cycle software development services like custom mobile and web app development, technology consulting, quality assurance, software testing, and maintenance that help overcome the organizations technical insufficiencies and ineptitudes. Moreover, the company has proven its expertise in a spectrum of industries like Healthcare, Education, Finance, and Retail, to name a few. 

The highly skilled workforce has a unique talent and expertise in managing all the primary software tools and technologies. The clients can experience world-class business solutions by leveraging the company’s top-notch quality and reliable software development services. The company has served customized solutions to the industries spread across North America, the UK, and other parts of the globe.  

Furthermore, the software developers employ modern tools and technologies and follow an innovative approach to perfection in the client’s business. The company provides clients with user-friendly, high-quality products that suit their business requirements aptly. Not only this! Clients can cut production costs by using optimised workflows and automated tools and techniques created by skilled software developers.

GoodFirms is a reliable global platform that researches and reviews various IT solution providers. This platform focuses on examining an organisation’s quality, reliability, and ability that enables service seekers to find the top company for their forthcoming project. It also considers the experience, market penetration, portfolio, marketing strategy, and branding /promotion campaigns. 

The dedicated mobile app developers offer the finest mobile apps that top App store charts; thus, customers can elevate their business to a new level. The experienced team produces cross-useful, scalable, and fast mobile apps for different industry domains. 

The company’s software engineers are comfortable with all the major technologies related to Mobile app development; some of them are Flutter, NodeJS, and React Native. Plus, the team has established its competence in Native app development, gamification, app store optimization, UI/UX consulting, cross-platform app development. 

Not only this! To give users a complete novel experience and engage in better customer interaction, the team members integrate top-notch quality emerging technologies like Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR & VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), wearables, etc. Right from the preliminary conceptualization to the final product installation of the App Store, the team is competent in handling and envisaging the whole mobile app development cycle for the client’s business. Additionally, the clients can have a great user experience for the mobile apps with this full-service product engineering company. 

The dedicated and skilled mobile app developers have enabled the company to gain a prominent position among top mobile app developers in Chicago at GoodFirms.

Apart from the achievements above, the company offers customers customized web application services that suit each industry’s business requirement. The company’s domain expertise is in healthcare, banking and finance, travel and tourism, entertainment, education, and retail. The web developers possess an innovative mindset, customer-oriented approach, agile methodology, quick delivery process, and offer budget-friendly services. 

All this remarkable expertise in the web application field has positioned the company amongst the list of top web development companies in Chicago at GoodFirms.

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