Social Network App For Travelers

Nowadays, influencer marketing is becoming a buzzword. Many brands now include influencer marketing in their digital marketing strategies, and for good reason. A travel startup client has approached Scalan Labs with an idea that he needs a mobile app intended for travelers who in turn can become influencers by using the app. The client required a mobile application and an admin portal that enables the travelers to shoot their travel videos and post them in this application thus they can become influencers. Influencers can generate income through video monetization. The admin portal will enable the admin user to add, delete, and update travelers and influencers. 

CloudTrav application is a social network where travelers, and resort/ hotel/ apartment/ villa owners can thrive. It is similar to Instagram, but it’s specifically designed for Travelers. You can share your travel-related images, films, and experiences on this excellent platform. This application is a network for making connections among travelers. Travelers can become influencers in this application. A perk of being an influencer is that the platform offers a partner program known as the ‘CloudTrav Partner Program’. Popular influencers can participate in the CloudTrav income generating process as partners through the CloudTrav Partner Program (CPP), a feature that allows them to try to make money from their videos. The CPP’s key feature is that once a channel reaches the required thresholds, CloudTrav authorized advertising on the channel and begins compensating for views of the commercials. The bidders and CloudTrav work together to give the adverts in a selective manner. The advertisers pay CloudTrav each time the ad is viewed or clicked, and CloudTrav in turn compensates the video maker for the ready audience and reach offered.


A rising travel startup wanted to develop an engaging social network platform for travelers. They were looking for a mobile app that is simple to use and allows for quick navigation. They wanted to establish a traveling community akin to the well-known social media platforms. Travelers and users can send photographs and videos secretly to their close friends or post them publicly with their followers using CloudTrav. There are versions for iOS and Android.


The primary focus of CloudTrav was to create a traveler’s social media platform that is fueled by meaningful connections, curiosity, and creativity, whose foundation is high-quality content, that inspires and creates a better world for travelers, hotel/resort/ villa/ apartment owners. The project roadmap had a clear vision for implementing a special content monetization function within their new social media platform, allowing real and verified content providers to easily monetize their work in a fair and just manner. Such a monetization strategy also motivates users to produce higher-quality material, building a valuable ecosystem. The expectations from our client were challenging since he wanted to infuse an entirely new, daring way to interact, communicate and connect. We used cutting-edge technologies, created a user-centered design environment, and developed concepts to include cutting-edge capabilities and features never seen before on a social networking platform. The users will be able to set their favorite categories or sub-categories as their preference so that the application will show the relevant contents related to their preference.

For our devs, Mapbox integration was incredibly inventive. The API gathers all the data, including distances overall and lodging options, to provide customers with smart mobility. We were able to create and optimize the code in the appropriate way because of this API’s tremendous capabilities. We worked hard to avoid changing the application’s flow, and we were successful in doing so. Multiple databases, libraries, add-ons, integrations, and libraries were combined with the CloudTrav backend. Therefore, we made sure to maintain the application responsive as much as possible to overcome the difficulty of app crashes and inconsistent performance. Because this project called for extensive app localization for each language, cultural appropriateness, formatting, etc. our team included translation services simply to translate the text, language, etc.


Core Features
Booking API  (Amadeus) Google Cloud Platform
Travels, Influencers, Property Admins Continuous Integration and Delivery using GCP Devops
Rewards Program Ads Manager
Real-time Messaging Analytics & Reporting
Photo/Video Share Property Administration
Instant Notifications Business Integrations
Users and Roles Google Analytics
Realtime Analytics Location Services 
Global Search Admin Dashboard

Technology & Tools

Frontend Backend Integration Hosting CICD Bi & Analytics
Swift (iOS) Firebase Elastic Search Google Cloud Platform Github Firebase Predictions
Android Studio /Kotlin Google Cloud Pub Payment Gateway Cloud Firestore Jira Google Big Query
HTML 5 Cloud Firestore Firebase Cloud Messaging Maven Looker
CSS3/LESS Google Analytics Artifact Registry Google AdMob
React JS Google Ads Cucumber
NodeJS Amadeus API
Twillio, Stripe, SendGrid


With Scalan Labs, the customer was able to create a product that was not only usable but also significantly improved in terms of cost, speed, and quality. As a result of working on this project, we learned a lot. CloudTrav is helping travelers to build a travelers social community that is powered by genuine content and monetization features.

“Of all the things I’ve done, the most vital is coordinating those who work with me and aiming their efforts at a certain goal.” –
Walt Disney, Founder of Disney

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