Hire Dedicated Developers

Hiring dedicated developers can be highly advantageous for businesses and organizations seeking to build software products or undertake development projects. They bring expertise and technical knowledge to the table, which can lead to the development of high-quality and robust software solutions. Hiring contracted developers can be cost-effective compared to hiring full-time in-house employees, especially when considering overhead costs like office space, equipment, benefits, etc. It allows you to save on expenses associated with traditional employment.

As your project evolves or requirements change, you can easily adjust the team size and skills to suit your needs without having to go through the hiring and onboarding process repeatedly.

Dedicated Team Hiring Process

The methodology is simple.

Since time is essence to any software products or development, it may take 3-6 months for organizations to find & recruit the right talent. As a company involved in traditional end-to-end software solutioning, we’ve a number of instances where our customers need an extra hand across multiple projects or technologies. In such cases, we understand your staffing needs, be it on short term or long term requirements. And then we recruit the top 1% talented software engineers to associate on your project. The software developers will manage the entire product development life cycle and will keep you updated on the progress on daily basis. Your PMO (Project Management Office) at onsite location can manage the resources remotely.

The bright side of hiring dedicated development team is that you can save your operating costs, quicker access to talent pool and flexibility in terms of upsizing or downsizing your team in two weeks notice.

Step 1: Recruitment of Prospective Candidates

Initially, we sit down and discuss your specifications and requirements regarding the job, candidates and the team structure. Based on your business needs, we scan our talent pool to pre-screen prospective software developers.

They are then put through a series of rigorous tests – to prove their technical, organizational and interpersonal skills – and the best candidates are recruited. We’ll share the resumes for your evaluation.

Step 2: Interview and Hire Dedicated Software Developers

Selected candidates can be interviewed by your team; use your own tools, tasks and methodologies to select the crème de la crème for your project.

Whether you are looking for only a single developer or want to build a whole new team for a project, you can hire as many talents as you want.

Step 3: Set Up the Team

Once you pick the best, we onboard your dedicated team and provide them with all necessary infrastructure, accounting, performance management and HR support.

The team will follow agile principles and available for daily scrum meetings and weekly/bi-weekly demos.

Step 4: Get Started

We provide your offshore software development team with a fully equipped and highly secure workstations at our office in India– exclusively for your brand.

Now it’s your show – You are in complete control of your offshore team; you manage them directly with your tools and established practices just like how you manage your in-house team.

Engagement Models

Full Service Team

With this model, you’ll be able to hire an entire team of experts including Business Analysts, UI/UX Designers, Front-end Developers, Project Managers, Technical Architects, Sr.Software Engineers, Mid-Level Engineers, Database Architects, Test Engineers etc. based on your project goals and duration. We offer a hybrid model where you have the option to hire developers fulltime or part time.

Dedicated Developers

Dedicated Developer Model helps you onboard only the required skills for a certain duration of the project. For example, some of our customers have their own internal IT team and may lack skills in certain areas. In that case, we offer a flexi-model where our customers can hire developers on short/long term contracts. Payment plans are monthly flat fee based.

Time & Material

Time & Material are usually suited for maintenance or legacy projects. This models lets you hire developers on part-time basis where you can utilize on need basis. The developers will be allocated for your maintenance projects for a minimum of 80 hours a month, spanning 4 Hours per day across a month. We offer blended fee per month if you’re onboarding a team of part-time developers. 

Project Support

By providing project support for dedicated engineers, our focus is to streamline their workflow and enhance their productivity. We manage their schedules, ensuring they have ample time for both project tasks and personal development. Coordinating meetings, workshops, and training sessions is part of our commitment to facilitate their growth.

Our assistance extends to organizing and archiving project documentation, facilitating seamless information retrieval. We handle procurement processes, ensuring engineers have the necessary tools and resources at their disposal. This includes liaising with suppliers, tracking orders, and maintaining an inventory of equipment.

We also act as a bridge between engineering teams and other departments, aiding effective communication and collaboration. Handling travel arrangements and expenses further frees engineers to concentrate on their core responsibilities. In addition, managing their email correspondence and sorting priorities ensures that they can focus on critical tasks without overlooking important communications.

Our commitment doesn’t end here; we take care of all the paperwork’s related to SoW’s, SLA’s, MSA’s, NDAs, etc. while you focus on creating cutting-edge products without any distractions.

Our billing is simple – there are no hidden costs like recruitment or infrastructure fees. You will pay only for utilized services of your offshore developers.

Hiring Benefits

Quality Talent

Scalan Labs has some of the best innovative minds who are highly skilled in all the modern tools and technologies and have the expertise in building quality products for different industry verticals.

Easy Onboarding

The onboarding process for both your in-house and offshore teams will be done smoothly via our workstations that have all the necessary infrastructure to ensure seamless communication and team collaboration.

Full Control Over Your Work

At Scalan Labs, the client rules the roost. You completely control your dedicated development team. You assign them tasks and manage them with your tools and methodologies, without any third-party interference.

Continuous Support

We provide you all-round support at every juncture of your association with us; our HR manager will listen to your views and suggestions regarding team performance and take necessary actions to troubleshoot any issues that may occur.

Cost Efficiency

All our product development services are reasonably priced and we don’t charge any extra fees for recruiting developers or for setting up infrastructure. You ultimately save a lot of money which you can utilize for future business ventures.

Post-Launch Support

No service is complete without a post-launch analysis of new products. We monitor product performance and do necessary upgrades and fixes.

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