Is ChatGPT4 Going to Replace Developers or Serve as a Complementary Tool?


14th June, 2023

The world is in a major hype about ChatGPT and how it can serve all the major industries with amazing precision.  It is setting a new paradigm across various industries and has been steadily powering game-changing applications. The world as we know is changing, and has been changing faster than ever, revolutionising the AI industry. While the world is in a huge thrill about ChatGPT, there has been apprehension about whether this technology can replace programmers and developers. Is there any truth to that? In this article, we will explore the depth of ChatGPT4 and whether there is really any cause for concern. 

Developers don’t have to be afraid of ChatGPT4; instead they can explore the different ways in which they can maximize the potential of this technology. 

What is ChatGPT4?

ChatGPT4 is an incredible technology, a chatbot prototype that processes both text and images, allowing the users to generate prompts based on visual input. GPT is the short term for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, and GPT4 is the latest addition in the series of language models devised by OpenAI. 

It is so advanced, powerful and versatile that it can even take a hand-drawn sketch and transform into a functional website. All over the world, developers have begun to harness their full potential. GPT4 has been meticulously trained on huge amounts of data, making it capable of understanding and deciphering complex patterns in natural language. It can produce highly sophisticated text outputs by incorporating state of the art techniques. 

What's New in ChatGPT4?

With the hype of Chat GPT4, you can expect it to function the exact same way it was advertised. It can transform the way in which we work and interact with technology. You can enjoy the following benefits with GPT4:

  • Higher levels of input and output capacity
  • Submit both text and image formats of the text
  • Advanced levels of precision and accuracy
  • Factual response is much better
  • Can easily handle complex tasks with better effectiveness 

Certain changes and advancements have been made since ChatGPT 3, and it would be helpful to understand what those differences are, in order to understand the next version better. 

1.Can process multimodal AI modals

The most noted difference between the third and fourth version of ChatGPT is the ability to understand the input text and images. Image input processing takes it to a whole new level, opening new use cases. 

2. Able to handle about 25,000 word count

With GPT3, the word count was limited to about 3000. This was for both input and output data. But with GPT4, the maximum word count has been raised to 25,000 for both input and output results.  

3. Trained on about 100 million parameters

ChatGPT4 is trained on even larger amounts of data from diverse origins, including a huge plethora of print sources and online formats. GPT3 itself was trained on a whopping number for data parameters, but with GPT4, the number has been close to 100 million. The advantage is that you get highly precise output, however complex the task may be. Give it whatever input you need and you will be dazed by the amount of precision it delivers. 

These are the main differences that exist between 3 and 4 versions of GPT.

Can ChatGPT ever pose a threat to the developers?

Ever since the enigma of GPT 4 has been made public, developers have been worrying whether it would take on their jobs. While ChatGPT has been growing at an alarming rate ever since it was first released in November 2022, the apprehensions have been growing bigger and stronger. The world has been quick to adopt the different versions of GPT, and the progressions made with each version, enormous.

The good news is that ChatGPT4 will not be replacing developers any time soon. In fact, it can accelerate the work of the developers and help them work to their full potential.

How CHATGPT4 Can Help Developers

Here are different ways in which GPT4 can transform the way developers do their tasks:

1. CHATGPT4 Helps You Create Mini Games

Developers can combine Javascript And HTML5 in a single prompt to create mini games like Snake and Pong. Some developers have done it within a matter of 60 seconds. This feature would be helpful for developers when they want to expand their skills in their coding portfolio. They can take these simple game frameworks and customise them. 

2. Integrated into Unity Editor for 3D Designs

ChatGPT4 has evolved to be the game designer’s best friend since it can be integrated into Unity Editor. You can turn the prompt into 3D images to enable 3D modelling and game design. This allows the developers to model faster, to be more productive. 

3. Acts as a Code Debugger

GPT4 acts as the perfect code debugger and mentor. All the developer has to do would be to enter the code and mention the issues they are facing. GPT4 gets to work immediately and can identify and help resolve the issue. So, you see, it doesn’t threaten the job of the developer, but rather acts as a mentor and provides valuable insights that can help the developer finish his job quickly. 

4. An Incredible Way to Find Security Vulnerabilities

Obviously, nothing can ever compromise the security of the applications that developers build. GPT4 is really quick when it comes to identifying the security vulnerabilities, thereby saving hours of time, and enabling them to come up with bug-free applications.

5. Converting the Sketches into a Website

Since GPT4 can process both images and text, developers can generate prompts based on visual inputs. Through its highly intelligent and intuitive capabilities, GPT4 has been able to convert visual inputs into fully functional websites, including hand-drawn sketches. 

6. Highly Comprehensive Data Models

Since GPT4 was trained on a larger dataset, it makes the language model very comprehensive. It means you can enjoy higher accuracy with the data output, and you can put in large amounts of data and still enjoy accurate and reliable outputs. 

7. Input and Output Capacity Is Remarkable

As mentioned earlier, the input and output capacity of GPT4 is far superior to its predecessor, about 8 times higher. This means GPT4 can handle highly complex data inputs and produce equally comprehensive data outputs.

Having the right developer team can help you release great applications into the market. GPT4 is not a threat to the developers, it helps the developers to work even better, to increase their potential.

8. The Next-Level Language Tutoring

GPT4 has taken language tutoring to a whole new level with certain popular language learning apps interacting the technology into their application. It tutors according to the capability of the learner, and provides inputs based on the user’s inputs. It can create various simulations based on the situation, and provide almost real conversations. 

9. Can Comprehend Visual Representations of User Interfaces

Whatever visual representation of user interfaces are impressed into the GPT4 (including wireframes and mockups), it can generate the relevant codes for developing functional web and app interfaces. This speeds up development, accelerating time to market scenarios.

While ChatGPT4 has sparked hope among businesses eager to release their websites and applications faster than ever into the market, there has been this developing fear on whether it would replace developers. They have been watching robots replacing taxi drivers, tellers, assembly line workers, even the regular house maid. So, there must be something that holds the fear valid. ChatGTP4 is still in its infancy stage, and it can develop further, but the chances of replacing developers is not round the corner. This is probably because GPT4 does have its flaws, it has certain limitations because it is mainly based on data and not human intelligence. 

There are still areas in which GPT4 is still struggling, especially since it cannot understand ambiguity in simple requirements. It can understand only data that’s entered into, but when there is any change in that, then GPT4 may not be able to give the desired results. 

Nevertheless, GPT4 will definitely act as a trusted assistant to the developers, but they are still not ready to work like developers and handle complex requirements of various applications. The human programmers and developers really do bring a different skill set that GPT cannot replicate for the time being.  And if you are wondering whether AI will replace programmers in the next 50-70 years, then that’s an even tougher thing to consider. AI is evolving, natural language is evolving and ChatGPT is definitely progressing at an alarming rate, so it would be just wait and watch! 


Looking for developers who can work with GPT4 and produce remarkable websites and applications would steadily increase your profit margin and visibility. And release complex apps into the market faster than ever before!

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