Custom photo printing app

Custom Photo Printing App


An established printing company based in Chicago approached Scalan Labs to develop a custom photo printing mobile application that helps to print photographs on souvenir objects. The client wanted to offer an element of personalization for their customers through the app.


photo-printer-appThe basic concept revolved around delivering bespoke photo products by allowing the app to capture high-quality images from customer’s social media accounts or phone gallery. Products included coffee mugs, frames, greeting cards, T-shirts, calendars,  etc. Photos could be even printed on wooden and metallic surfaces.

As personalization was the key factor of the app, we focused more on the aesthetics, but simultaneously, did not clutter the UI. Design elements in the form of square, rectangle, circle and heart-shaped blocks were added. Simple designs with lighter color tones were also included to enhance the overall look of the interface. 

The printing app somewhat resembled an eCommerce app with features like product details, shopping cart, secure payment gateway, order tracking, etc. The main difference is that users can select a product, upload a photo/picture that they like to get printed on the product, edit or crop (via In-App Photo Editor) it for the best look and finally, place the order.

Platform: Backend Web, iOS and Android
Technologies: Native iOS, Swift Programming, iOS SDK, Android Kotlin, Android SDK, Native Android, PHP(Yii), My SQL.


The app provided users with a platform to create and purchase personalized products in no time; thanks to its easy-to-navigate UI which ensured users completed their orders in less number of taps and swipes. 

Moreover, the innovative idea of custom photo printing struck a chord with the client’s existing customer base. This group, in turn, recommended it to their friends and relatives and thus, the client was able to gain more customers.

“Champions keep playing until they get it right.”. – Billie Jean King,  American former World No. 1 Professional Tennis Player

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