Pet Tracker Mobile App

Pet Tracker Mobile App


A community of pet lovers wanted to ensure their pets’ safety, and hence they approached Scalan Labs to build a pet tracker mobile app; mainly to track and monitor their animal’s movements both indoors and outdoors.


pet-tracker-iot-appThe primary reason for developing the app was to find lost pets. But, keeping tabs on a living entity like an animal, is indeed a strong challenge. Hence, the Scalans experts came up with the best solution – the duo of IoT and GPS.

The pet is fitted with a Bluetooth-enabled collar that sends out signals to the owner’s smartphone if the animal breaches pre-set boundaries (virtual pet fence that can be set on the app). The animal’s location can be estimated and viewed on a map using GPS.

In addition to this, the pet collar enables owners to monitor the animal’s activity levels and health variations via the app. Some of the user-friendly app features include a dashboard (the app’s main page) that gives an overview of the pet’s real-time vitals; a personal pet account, where you can create a pet profile and post your pet’s photos or notifications with other pet owners, and so on.

Platform: Web, iOS and Android


The interactive pet tracker app, along with the pet wearable created a ‘safety net’ – all the community members could get real-time updates about their own and each others’ pets. Many members could retrieve their lost pets through the app.

The app relieved them from the stress of finding missing pets through traditional methods like placing ads, posting fliers, visiting animal shelters, etc. Overall, pet lovers felt more connected to their furry companions through the pet tracker app.

“Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world.” –
Elon Musk, Founder of SpaceX, Co-Founder of Tesla

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